Tujia mildew tofu


The Tujia people in Tujia Shanzhai like to make moldy tofu for food in winter and spring. Because this season to do the moldy tofu is easy to preserve, not bad. The method is as follows: tofu should be made older and compacted before it is cut and not broken, then the tofu should be cut into small lumps of 2cm square, then the tofu lumps should be evenly placed in a wooden barrel held by grass, then a layer of tofu should be placed, the top layer should be covered with quilt or clothing for heat preservation, and after the tofu grows inch-long white mold, the tofu should be taken out and mixed with salt, chili powder, finally, it can be eaten after soaking in cold water for a period of time. If it needs to be stored for a long time, soak it in white wine or vegetable oil, which can be stored for two or three years.

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