Geocentric Valley Service



1. Ticket price: ask about the ticket price of scenic spots, including full-price tickets, half-price tickets, discount tickets, etc.
2. Opening hours: Ask about the opening hours of the scenic spot, including opening hours on weekdays and holidays.
3. Tour route: ask the best tour route, in order to better visit the scenic spot.
4. Parking fees: Ask about the parking fees of scenic spots, including charging standards and payment methods.
5. Scenic Area Facilities: Ask about the facilities in the scenic area, such as toilets, restaurants, souvenir shops, etc.
6, safety issues: ask about the safety measures in the scenic area, such as safety warning signs, emergency rescue measures, etc.
7. Special needs: Ask whether the scenic area meets special needs, such as the needs of the disabled, the elderly, etc.
8. Return policy: Ask about the return policy of scenic spot tickets so that they can be returned when needed,
9. Precautions: Ask about the precautions for scenic tours, such as prohibited items, prohibited behaviors, etc.
10. Complaints and suggestions: ask complaints and suggestions channels for feedback when encountering problems,