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Every staff member of Enshi Gexin Valley is trying to make everyone a tourist image, all of them are service pacesetters, and try their best to gain your recognition and satisfaction with refined service!
A. Tour guide service: The tourist service center of Shanmen Square in the scenic spot provides you with paid tour guide explanation service, and the service items are tour guide explanation. It is mainly to provide guidance and explanation services for tourists on the mountain tour route, and to explain the names, origins and legends of various scenic spots, including historical figures, couplet inscriptions, etc.
B, public toilets: there are many star toilets and environmental protection toilets in the scenic area. Star toilets are mainly concentrated in the ticket sales hall, the entrance of the cableway and the main scenic spots.
C. Parking lot: Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area currently has four parking lots and 5000 parking spaces. In the tourist season, the scenic area also has a temporary parking lot.
D. smoking spots: during the tour, please pay attention to forest protection, fire prevention and environmental protection. We have special smoking spots at the entrance and exit of each scenic spot. Visitors should choose to smoke at the designated smoking spots.
E, in order to make your tour more enjoyable, it is recommended that you choose light clothing and sports shoes.
F. Tickets for scenic spots: Tickets in scenic spots are subject to the ticket inspection system of scenic spots. Tickets are valid for two consecutive natural days from the time of purchase. Please keep the tickets properly for inspection during the tour.
G, active servicemen with their own soldier certificate/military officer certificate, revolutionary disabled soldiers with their own military disability certificate, retired cadres with their own retirement certificate, disabled people with disability certificate, the elderly over 70 years old with identity card/senior citizen preferential treatment certificate, first-class model and national moral model certificate can enjoy the preferential treatment of ticket rabbit fee and full price of cableway. Full-time students can enjoy half-price tickets and full-price ropeway preferential treatment with their registered student ID cards and 60-69-year-old people's ID cards. If you have the qualification of preferential price, please bring the relevant documents. Children under 1.2 metres in height are offered free admission and ropeways.
H, peak season scenic traffic is large, it is recommended that you book tickets online in advance.
I, if you don't understand during the tour, you can consult them, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

Scenic related services
Address: Gaoping Dixin Valley Scenic Area, Jianshi County, Enshi Prefecture