Cured sausage

The preserved sausage is one of the specialties of Tujia nationality.
cured sausage practices:
① Wash lean meat and fat meat separately, wipe dry the water, and cut into pieces the size of fingernails (do not cut into grains, so as not to break the casing).
② Pickled meat ingredients (star anise, pepper, pepper, etc.) in a large bowl and evenly, add fat and lean meat slices, add 100 ml of water, mix well, marinate for half an hour.
③ Set the casing on the water pipe, rinse the inside and outside of the casing, use a meat filling device, wear the human casing, slowly put the pickled meat into the casing, do not put it too tightly, needle the human intestine several times (deflation), after the intestine is filled, tie the head and tail, and tie it tightly at 17cm with hemp rope.
④ Leave the sausage in a boiling water pot and take it out and put it in a place with strong sunshine for a few days. If you want the sausage to be fragrant, keep it in a jar for several days.

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