Geocentric Valley Service


Tourists Notice

Ticket Instructions for Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Spot


1. ticketing time

Peak season: 08:00-15:00 (May-September)

Off-season: 08:30-14:00 (January-April, October-December)

Special circumstances to scenic spot announcement

2. Fares

"Walk with Love and Visit Hubei" Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area is free of charge (reservation is required, WeChat public number "Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area" can be reserved), and other charging items are subject to the announcement of the scenic area.

3., please at the ticket office window of the tourist center of the scenic spot and the formal official authorized booking platform.Ticket PurchaseDo not go through other channels to avoid being deceived;

Tickets for 4. scenic spots and glass bridges will not be refunded once they are sold. Please count the fare in person when purchasing tickets, and you will not be responsible for leaving the window;

When 5. enter the scenic spot, please hand a ticket, during the tour properly keep your tickets for inspection;

The maximum instantaneous carrying capacity of 6. scenic spot is 8000 and the maximum daily carrying capacity is 10000. The tour takes about 3 hours.

7. personal items

Backpacks, sports pants or sports pants, warm clothing (Enshi temperature difference is large), hiking shoes, personal valid certificates, special certificates, toiletries, flashlights or first class (mobile phones are inconvenient, ancient river beds need to pierce), knee pads (suggested), hiking sticks (suggested), water, road meals, garbage bags (disposal of garbage from road meals), and other personal items (such as carsickness medicine, charging treasure, etc.). Please be sure to keep out the cold and environmental protection.

Warm Tips

1. There is a big temperature difference between morning and evening. Please prepare enough clothes, rain gear, etc.

2. Please arrange the tour time, route, etc. reasonably, so as to avoid waiting in line in the morning.