Into the Geocentric Valley



1The place of human origin, Enshi Gexin Valley. The national AAAA-level tourist attraction, Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area, is located in the mysterious center of 30 degrees north latitude. It is located in Gaoping Town, the center of Enshi's tourist traffic center 318 the "1520" of the national landscape road and the "1314" milestone of Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway. The Yiwan high-speed railway goes directly to the scenic area "Gaoping Station". The 209 National Highway winds around the scenic area and is only one hour's drive from the airport, it is a multi-functional and comprehensive scenic spot integrating mountain and canyon sightseeing, cultural experience, leisure vacation, sports and health care, self-driving camping and research tourism.
Explore the secrets of the earth's heart, visit the past and ask the present. Enshi Gexin Valley is a rare alpine karst karst mountain valley landform. The geological wonders of the scenic spot were formed in the Triassic period 0.25 billion years ago. Its karst mountain valley area is famous for its length and depth. The "Jianshi Homo erectus Site" 2.15 million years ago challenges the theory of human origin in Africa in the world. The "Bayan Ancient Road" of Chinese civilization, which has a glorious history of 4000 years, is regarded as the fifth ancient road in China, it completely retains the pure original ecological style of "Bashu throat" since the pre-Qin period. The six major tourist areas of the "dangerous, strange, ancient, wild, secret and beautiful" scenic spots of "the heart of the earth, the wonders of the earth, the ancient road of Bayan, the cave of the earth, the secret land of the earth, and the dark river of the great apes" are deep in the canyons, overpasses, sky-like seams, stone mortar vortex grooves, and boats floating. The ancient center of the earth is like a cave cut in a deep mountain. Its narrow moat, deep cutting, beauty of lava development, pleasant mind, rare in the world, its peculiar "mountains, valleys, roads, caves, seams, water" landscape and remarkable three-dimensional climate, many rare animals and plants, sufficient negative oxygen ions, and original ecological tourism environment make people feel like time and space crossing, and are shocked by aesthetic demeanor.
Knock on the door of the heart of the earth and explore the origin of mankind. The geocentric returns without looking at the valley!