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世界最高桥——四渡河大桥World High Bridge-Sidu River Bridge
Located at the junction of Yichang and Enshi, Hubei Province, it is located in Sidu River, Yesanguan Town, Badong County, Hubei Province. It is a controlled bridge project of Shanghai Chongqing Expressway. It is located in the high mountains of Wuling in Western Hubei Province. It is the longest suspension bridge in the world built in deep mountains and valleys in China. The total length of the bridge is 1365 meters, which is composed of 1105 meters long bridge and 228.9 meters long subgrade. Yichang bank is the tunnel anchor and Enshi bank is the gravity anchor. The main span of the bridge is 900 meters and the bridge deck is 24.5 meters wide. The bridge's Enshi bank cable tower is 118.2 meters high, Yichang bank cable tower is 113.6 meters high, the height difference from the top of the tower to the valley bottom is 650 meters, and the bridge deck is 560 meters from the valley bottom, which is equivalent to 200 stories high. It is currently the longest suspension bridge built in deep mountain valleys in China, and it is also the world's first mountain super suspension bridge with a span of more than 900 meters. It is 307 meters and 290 meters higher than the world's tallest bridge, respectively. It is known as the world's first high suspension bridge.

三峡洞藏酒——三峡酒厂Three Gorges Cave Wine Collection-Three Gorges Distillery
Hubei Three Gorges Liquor Industry Co., Ltd. was formerly known as Yesanguan State-owned Distillery in Badong County, which was founded in 1962. In 1999, it was renamed and registered as China Three Gorges Distillery with the approval of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. In 2004, the enterprise completed the restructuring to privatization and reorganized into Hubei Three Gorges Wine Co., Ltd., whose cave wine is loved by tourists.


中国南方最大的日本落叶松基地——长岭岗林场Japanese Larch Base in South China -- Changlinggang Forest Farm
State-owned Changling Forest Farm, located in the mountainous area of western Hubei, is an ideal summer resort with a subtropical climate in the north. The terrain in the site is relatively high, with an altitude of 1600-1900 meters, a relative elevation difference of 200 meters, and an average slope of 25 °. The annual average temperature of the forest farm is 11.7 ℃, and the extreme maximum temperature is 29 ℃. It is a 40-minute drive from Shimen River Scenic Area.

擎天大柱——石柱观Optimus Prime-Stone Pillar View
Shizhu view is located at the top of Panlong Mountain, Panlong Mountain uplift in the 330-hectare Pingba Central, the mountain is steep, mountain cliffs. There are caves at the bottom of the mountain, winding up to the mountainside, with stone ladders of 238 levels, circling to the top of the mountain. The ancient pine on the top of the mountain is vigorous, the mountain flowers are bloating, and the stone pillar view is hidden in the verdant woods. It is spectacular. There are three scenic spots around Panlong Mountain, a pagoda is built in Shanxi, and there is a trickle in the cliff on the right, which is inexhaustible for a long time. There is a weir pond at the eastern foot, which is rippling with blue waves and does not dry all the year round. It is a 40 minutes by car from Shimen.


古村寨——石垭子老街Ancient Village-Shiyazi Old Street
It was once a very prosperous and tidy street on Zhongda Road (the only avenue of Enshi Tong Yichang and Jianghan Plain), with Tujia characteristics. It was once brilliant. Shiyazi's street was only 200 meters long. The polished red stone street and the two-story red paint wood board houses were mostly stilted buildings. The downstairs were paved and walkways to shelter from the rain. Helping on the railing of the stilted building, you can see the crowd rushing to the market, 20 minutes' drive from Shimen River scenic spot.

直立人遗址——巨猿洞Homo erectus Site-Giant Ape Cave
Located behind the tourist reception center of Shimen River Scenic spot, from 1968 to 2000, the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences conducted nine excavations here, and found five early Homo erectus teeth fossils, stone tools and bone tools. at the same time, more than 80 species of mammal fossils, including the great ape, are one of the earliest ancient human sites found in China, challenging the theory of "human origin in Africa.



店子坪红色旅游基地Dianzi Ping Red Tourism Base
Located in the deep mountains of western Hubei, there are ancient salt tea roads, Tujia customs, dense forests, characteristic agriculture and other tourism resources, as well as the red sign of "Contemporary Yugong.




土司城Tusi City
Enshi Tusi City. Enshi Tusi City is located in the northwest of Enshi City, 500 meters away from the seat of the municipal government. It is the only landmark project of Tusi culture in Tujia area with the largest scale, the most magnificent project, the most unique style and the most beautiful landscape in China.
Including gatehouse, Dong Fengyu Bridge, Linjun Temple, School Yard, Tujia Folk House, Tujia Palace-Jiujin Hall, City Wall, Bell Tower, Drum Tower, Baiyuan Garden, White Tiger Statue, Crouching Tiger Iron Bridge, Tingtao Tea House, Ethnic Art Garden and other 12 scenic spots and more than 30 scenic spots.
Address: 138 Tusi Road, Enshi City, Hubei Province
Features: Enshi Tusi City beautiful Tujia project
Opening hours:
Summer: 8:00-18:30
Winter: 8:30-17:30
Ticket price: adult ticket: 50 yuan; Preferential ticket: 25 yuan
Enshi Railway Station Bus 30 goes directly to Tusi City Station, with a total of 13 stops.




土家女儿城Tujia Daughter City
The man in the world does not have two hearts, the daughter of the world is the first city! China Enshi Tujia Daughter City, located in Qiliping, Enshi City, Hubei Province, is a gathering place of Tujia culture in the country, as well as an urban entertainment and consumption center and tourism distribution center in Wuling area.
Attractions Address: Qiliping, Enshi City
Opening hours: all day (generally recommended to go at night)

Transportation: No. 12 (Aviation Road-Huasei Ecological Park) to Huasei Ecological Park, that is, to No. 21 (Wuyangba-Liuzhou City) to Huasei Ecological Park Station, that is, to No. 25 (Wuyangba-Jingui Avenue-Qiliping Interchange) to Huasei Ecological Park, that is, to No. 28 (Guanpo-Huasei Ecological Park) to Huasei Ecological Park.