Seven Jade · You Enshi Gexin Valley


The mountain stands up to meet the clouds, and the canyon flows out of Ogawa.

Yellow leaves withered and red leaves are now, watching the autumn color and enjoying the haze smoke.


Tongtian plank road half a mountain hanging, leap verdant baidu spin.

The sound of the eagle's scissors screamed tightly, awakening the gulls and herons to fly away.


The glass bridge is happy and difficult to walk step by step.

Jian narrow deep road difficult, people tired dry looking at the spring.


The infinite scenery is in front of us, lingering and lingering.

Mao Lin Xiu Zhu Shan Hua Qiao, wild sparrow gently crowing empty valley pass.

This is the origin of mankind;

Here is the most mysterious cultural fertile soil in the southwest of Hubei, China;

Here 0.25 billion years ago the Triassic period gradually into the geological wonders of the mountain valley;

The "Jianshi Homo erectus Site" here 2.15 million years ago challenges the doctrine of human origin;

It is famous at home and abroad for the "ancient Ba Yan Road" of Chinese civilization 6000 years ago.