Diary of Migratory Birds: The Ephros of the Heart of Xianyou

The mountain was torn apart by magic. A little silk, layer by layer, clearly visible.

In it flow through the blood, flow through the tears of the ground long, grow a little green.

Ladder, overpass. Plank road, back road. I finally see

What is empty-minded and what is a mountain of kindness.


What is called rein in the precipice, what is called the abyss.




What do you mean by desperate, what is the peak turn.


Revelation of the earth. The classroom of life.

The mountain is high and the gorge is long, and the earth's heart is beating.


This is the origin of mankind;

Here is the most mysterious cultural fertile soil in the southwest of Hubei, China;

Here 0.25 billion years ago the Triassic period gradually into the geological wonders of the mountain valley;

The "Jianshi Homo erectus Site" here 2.15 million years ago challenges the doctrine of human origin;

It is famous at home and abroad for the "ancient Ba Yan Road" of Chinese civilization 6000 years ago.