May Day Small Holiday Small Travel Recommended

Working hours are the life of the unit-home 2.1 line every day. It is not easy to have a four-day long holiday on May Day. Of course, you can no longer stay in these two places. However, during the long holiday, there are generally many people in the scenic spot, and you have to queue up for everything. This is because you don't knowEnshi Geocentric Valley Scenic Area (Shimen River)

The scenic spot is located on the magical 30-degree north latitude line, only 5 minutes' drive from the Gaoping exit of Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway (navigation positioning "Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area"), so you don't have to worry about traffic jams when you drive here on May 1. The Enshi section of Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway you will drive through is like this.

What kind of driving is too tiring, if only you could take a bus. Of course, the bullet train is very convenient. The Yiwan Railway is known as the "Bridge and Tunnel Museum" with beautiful scenery along the way. Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area (Shimen River) is only an hour's drive from Jianshi Station and Enshi Station, and there is a direct bus to the scenic area (Enshi Station bus fare 40 yuan, Jianshi Station bus fare 25 yuan), jianshi Station has a large number of buses leaving every half hour. It is recommended that tourists give priority to Jianshi Station.

Vacation time is the most precious. You can't wait for a moment to enjoy the beautiful scenery and take photos. Enshi Xujiaping Airport has a look and find out if your city can reach directly. Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area (Shimen River) is only an hour's drive from the airport (the whole journey is high speed, and the taxi charter cost is about 400 yuan)

I am tired of driving by myself, and it is too troublesome to buy tickets and transfer by bullet train. It doesn't matter to find a professional travel agency and report a travel route containing Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area (Shimen River). Let them arrange everything and you will enjoy a wonderful journey.

Naturally, you need to buy tickets to play scenic spots, how to buy tickets at the best price? Booking tickets in advance is of course more favorable. The official WeChat public number of the scenic spot "Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Spot Shimen River", Meituan, Ctrip, Donkey Mother, Where to Go, Tongcheng, Touniu and other major OTA platforms can be booked. The reservation can only be made one hour after the successful reservation.

What to play in the scenic spot?

The country's first "cloud end" canyon 9D glass suspension overpass, the bridge is 268 meters long, the bridge deck is 3.2 meters wide, and the bridge deck is about 200 meters high from the river valley.

The country's first "magic carpet in the air", developed by the scenic spot team and currently applying for a patent, has a bridge deck with an empty span of 168 meters, a span of 128 meters and a width of 2.1 meters.

Wall-mounted sightseeing elevator, the vertical height of the elevator ground is 98 meters, which is equivalent to the height of a 35-storey building. The underground foundation is 9 meters deep, the load capacity is 1350 kilograms, the running speed is 2 meters per second, and the one-way running time is 50 seconds.


When you come to Enshi Geocentric Valley, you must take beautiful photos in the Grand Canyon.

If you can shoot a video on the net red water swing, it will definitely be popular on all major mobile phone APP.

The net red project-step by step is only for you who dare to challenge yourself.

To come to the Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area (Shimen River) with profound cultural heritage, of course, you have to take a walk along the 6000-year-old Bayan Ancient Road.

More about the story of our human origins-Homo erectus

Jianshi erectus site is located in Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area (Shimen River), which was approved by the State Council as the sixth batch of national key cultural relics protection units in May 2006.

I am most worried about eating badly when I go out. I don't need to consider this problem at all in Enshi, because there are many delicacies in Enshi.

Of course, the place to live is also very important. In Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area, you can choose a forest resort with an altitude of 1000 meters or more.

"Yujing Dragon City" is located in Changlinggang, 1800 meters above sea level, 28 kilometers away from the scenic spot (please navigate to "Yujing Dragon City" for the route)