Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area Recruits 33300 Free Tourists from China

Enshi Geocentric Valley Scenic Area is located in the mysterious mystery of nature 30 ° north latitude. To know this mysterious latitude, created China's Qiantang River tide, Babylon's "sky garden", Jordan's "Dead Sea", ancient Egyptian pyramids and sphinx, the Caribbean island of Bermuda and ancient Mayan civilization sites ...... 30 degrees north latitude is like a river of civilization, along which there are many strange phenomena and mysterious landscapes. Every civilization phenomenon and landscape there contains a mysterious power of shock and awe, which makes the world shocked.

The unique karst karst mountain valley geological environment of Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area makes it the most beautiful mountain karst mountain valley landscape rare in the world. The natural scenery here is a door, allowing us to lead to one of the few most primitive and natural worlds on this planet!

Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area is divided into Gexin Tianmoat Tourist Area, Geocentric Wonders Tourist Area, Bayan Ancient Road Tourist Area, Geocentric Cave Tourist Area, Geocentric Secret Realm Tourist Area, and Giant Ape Dark River Tourist Area to show tourists the steep peaks, rare stones, simple ancient roads, wild caves, clear crevices and beautiful rivers.

Enshi Geocentric Valley Scenic Area not only has unique natural resources but also rich experience projects. The 9D glass suspension bridge in the canyon covers the valley bottom with a drop of 200 meters, cliffs, deep pools and dense forests at the valley bottom, just like walking in the air, which is very exciting.

"Air Magic Carpet" The country's first magic carpet cloud bridge, from the magic carpet to look down, the scenery panoramic view.

Step by step, challenge yourself to overcome your inner fear.

The vertical sightseeing elevator with the wall can reach the exit in tens of seconds from the bottom of the valley. In this very short time, you can enjoy different scenery from the geocentric canyon of the scenic spot to the blue sky and white clouds.

There are also many interesting water sports# brave Enshi geocentric valley, kayaking, cliff diving, single bridge double line, rapids brave advance, water rings, ancient bridge downhill, net red sway bridge and other projects waiting for you to experience.

There are not only beautiful scenery but also interesting projects. Are you excited?

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