Heavenly moat in the heart of the earth

to"Risk" is known. Crossing the time-space tunnel, stepping on the cloud cable bridge, stepping up the stairs and stepping into the natural moat in the heart of the earth in Enshi.Long about2200 metersabsolutelyWallSuspendedPlank road. Wayvia Geocentric ValleyCliff House, "Cloud End" Glass Bridge,GeocentricBig turn,The cliff Buddha, the good news pavilion, the blessing of the heavenly official, the gate of heaven and kun, the great ape cliff, the singing platform,Barman Cave,The Earth's Heart Gate,DayBathWaterfall, Tiandi Bridgeand other attractions.InCliffsHangingEmptyThe plank road, light fog and light clouds ring the soles of the feet, facing the infinite abyss, cliff axe cutting and standing.By looking at the place, the eyes are full of misty peaks, verdant gold, birds singing apes crying, wild interest, heaven and earth clear into the lungs,The vulgar thoughts of the wind and dust, the extraordinary elegance of Tao,WanInto the dayYu Wonderland.