Geocentric Wonders Tourist Area

toThe "odd" is known. From Tiandi Bridge to StoneMenguThe bridge is accessed by a hydrophilic plank road,Total length approx.1800 meters.Through the water against the turtle,WenwuGod of wealth, rock-breaking,SameHeart bridge, heart of the ground, return to the pool, stone to run, stone mortarGroup, Shushan Bridge, Infinite Pavilion, Shishu Wanjuan, Acacia Forest, Gexin Dark River and other scenic spots. The cliff is high and there is a mighty spirit of roaring up to the sky, stoneQianxiang has the charm of uncanny craftsmanship,The water quality is quiet and has the feeling of being reborn. Ancient wood ginseng above the cliffs on both sides of the straitDay, exotic flowers and plants, unpredictable, blending of scenes, it makes people feel as if they are in the vast and distant world, like poetry, song and painting.