Gold and silver

"Gold and silver" is also called "corn rice". The so-called "gold and silver" is actually corn flour wrapped in white rice. "Jin Jianshi, Yin Lichuan", Jianshi produces more corn and lichuan produces more rice. Therefore, the Tujia people call these two kinds of food mixed together "gold and silver". However, don't underestimate it. In the past, when coarse grain was not enough, it was fine grain.
"The grain pounded rice is like silver, and the corn grinded noodles are like gold. The green disdain flower hoop fir wood retort, and the cooked rice can not be divided." "Gold and Silver" is delicious, but it is not so easy to make. Its production process is as follows: first cook rice into half-cooked rice, then break up the rice, mix it with pre-ground corn powder, then steam it together, and pour a small amount of boiled water when the corn rice is almost cooked. The rice made in this way has a layer of golden corn powder on each grain of rice. When making gold and silver, the water added should not be too much or too little. If there is too much water, the gold and silver will stick into a half-baked flour paste. If there is too little water, it will dry up your throat.
"Gold and silver" is rich in nutrition, soft and fragrant, its color is bright, yellow and white, and is regarded as "auspicious rice" by the Tujia people. Therefore, no matter during the holidays or banquets, "gold and silver" is indispensable ".

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