Jianshi Kiwi

Hubei Jianshi County is extremely rich in wild kiwifruit resources, decades or even hundreds of years of wild kiwifruit can be seen everywhere. There are 10 varieties divided into hairy and glabrous types, with light red, green and light yellow flesh, and a single plant with a high yield of 300kg and a single large fruit weighing 156g.
Kiwi fruit meat fat juicy, fragrant and delicious, sweet and sour pleasant, resistant to storage. Fresh fruits harvested at the right time can be kept for one month at normal temperature. It can even be kept fresh for more than five or six months under low temperature strips. In addition to fresh food, it can also be processed into fruit juice, jam, fruit wine, canned sugar water, dried fruit, preserved fruit, etc. These products are yellow, brown, or orange, with attractive color, delicious flavor and nutritional value no less than fresh fruit. Therefore, it has become a health food for navigation, aviation, plateau and high temperature workers. Kiwi fruit juice has become the preferred health drink for national athletes, and it is also a nourishing fruit for the elderly, children, and the frail. It is rich in vitamin C, A, E, potassium, magnesium, and cellulose. In addition, it also contains relatively rare nutrients in other fruits-folic acid, carotene, calcium, lutein, amino acids, and natural inositol. The calcium content of kiwi fruit is 2.6 times that of grapefruit, 17 times that of apple, 4 times that of banana, and the content of vitamin C is 2 times that of orange. Therefore, its nutritional value far exceeds that of other fruits. Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamin C, which can strengthen the immune system, promote wound healing and the absorption of iron; it is rich in inositol and amino acids, which can inhibit depression and supplement the nutrition consumed by brain power; its perfect ratio of low sodium and high potassium can supplement the physical strength lost by staying up late and working overtime.

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