Kang Potato


"Kang" is the dialect of Yichang and Enshi regions in Hubei Province. It is a cooking method other than frying and braising. It is a cooking method between frying and frying with a small amount of edible oil. "Potato" is potato. As the saying goes, "high mountain potato, low mountain potato." That is to say, the potato on the high mountain tastes good, and the potato produced on the high mountain in western Hubei is very popular with diners. There is Huangbai Mountain in Changyang, Yichang City, Hubei Province, which is rich in potato and cabbage. There is a love song circulating there, "Brother Love is rare, so there is nothing to eat. Stir-fry a plate of vegetables and burn some big potatoes". There are many ways to eat potato, especially kang potato, which tastes delicious. "Kang" refers to putting less oil (just wet the bottom of the pan with oil) and letting the potato contact the bottom of the pan as much as possible instead of frying with more oil. After the kang is cooked, the potato does not feel oily in the mouth and has a sweet feeling of roasting.

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