Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area Resumes Business, May Day Holiday Free of Large Tickets

Enshi Geocentric Valley Scenic Area will resume business on April 26, 2022. During the May Day holiday (April 30-May 4), all tourists will be exempted from large tickets (transfer cars in 30 yuan Scenic Area are required, and other secondary consumption items will be purchased voluntarily)



First acquaintance of Enshi Gexin Valley

Exploring the Earth's Heart


Through ancient and modern


Enshi Gexin Valley, a national AAAA tourist attraction, is located in Gaoping Town, the center of Hubei's Enshi tourism transportation hub, which is located in the mysterious center of 30 degrees north latitude and 318 the "1520" of the national landscape road and the "1314" milestone of Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway. The Yiwan high-speed railway goes directly to the scenic spot "Gaoping Station". National Highway 209 winds around the scenic spot and is only an hour's drive from the airport. It is a multi-functional and comprehensive scenic spot integrating mountain and canyon landscape sightseeing, cultural experience, leisure vacation, sports and health care, self-driving camping and research tourism.


Travel is not just mountain climbing, fun is the last word


Of course, I have to clock in and take photos.


In the "eye of the earth's heart and sky", the head is the sky gorge, the head is the gorge sky, the pure reflection, standing, sitting, or lying, can enter the "eye of the sky" together with the surrounding beautiful scenery.


After flying into the sky and realizing your dream of being a fairy, I want to take the moon in nine days and dream back to the ancient costume Jianghu. Tourists in the "Flying Fairy in the Heart of the Earth" online red clock-in experience can experience the martial arts dream of flying fairy and fighting sword Jianghu and eat it.



High-altitude events are exciting.


There are many high-altitude experience projects in the canyon of Enshi Geocentric Valley Scenic Area to challenge:

"End of the Cloud"The total length of the glass bridge is 286 meters, the width of the bridge deck is 2.6 meters, and the bridge deck is about 200 meters high from the river valley. The whole bridge deck is made of transparent glass, which can be viewed up and down, left and right, and part of the animation glass bridge walking experience. The volley feeling of overlooking from high altitude makes people feel particularly excited and exciting.


"Air Magic Carpet", located between the two sides of the cliffs of the canyon in the center of the earth, the span of the bridge deck is 140 meters, the height difference from the bridge deck to the valley bottom is 120 meters, and the width of the bridge is 2.1 meters. Standing on the "air magic carpet" in the mountains and valleys, there is still a sense of flying in the clouds, and its beautiful scenery of the earth's core cave and sky tourist area, such as the mirror lake, the floating shadow of the sail bridge, can be seen at a glance.


"Top of the Cloud"Wall-mounted ladder: with a total height of about 118 meters, it is a fully transparent external sightseeing elevator, experiencing the speed and passion in the canyon on three sides


"Step by step"Only for the courage to challenge themselves


The weather is so hot, of course, playing with water can not be less


KayakHydrophilic but not wet, experience the feeling of summer in advance


The meaning of travel is of course to understand different cultures in different places

origin of human


Jianshi erectus siteIt enriches the history of human evolution and shows that China is the most promising key region outside Africa to find a solution to the early evolution of mankind. At the same time, it is proved that human evolution is no longer a single branch of "monism", but a pluralistic evolution.


Ba Yan Ancient RoadFormed at the end of the Neolithic period, earlier than the Xia Dynasty, it is the old road of entering Shu on the south bank of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. It is more than 6000 years ago. Its origin can be traced back to prehistoric civilization. It is the first path for ancient mankind to move from Enshi Gexin Valley to the world.


Ancient Road Performing ArtsIt is a concentrated display of the culture of ethnic minorities in Enshi and the culture of the ancient Ba Yan Road.




Holiday travel convenient transportation is very important


Multiple modes of transportation available


EMU:The "Gaoping Station" of Yiwan Railway goes directly to the scenic spot (the reception center of the scenic spot can be reached by shuttle bus 3 yuan and taxi about 6 yuan)


Self-driving: Distance from reception center of scenic spotthe gaoping interchange exit of the shanghai-chongqing expressway is only 5 kilometers long,

318 national highway 1520KM. Yichang is 120 kilometers away from Gaoping Jing Expressway, an hour and a half by car. Enshi is 76 kilometers away from Gaoping Jing Expressway, an hour's drive away.


(The opening of the above projects is subject to the actual opening of the scenic spot on the same day)


The May Day clock-in is located in Enshi Gexin Valley.