Announcement on Prevention and Control of Epidemic Situation in Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area

Announcement on Prevention and Control of Epidemic Situation in Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area

Distinguished Tourists and Travel Agents:


Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area is open to normal business, in order to implement the latest work requirements of the leading group for the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic at all levels, actively and steadily promote the prevention and control of the epidemic in the scenic area, and effectively protect the lives and safety of the general public and tourists, the enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area epidemic prevention and control measures are announced as follows:

(1) Before leaving, tourists should reserve play sessions in the "Hubei Tour" APP and WeChat applet, and reasonably arrange the time to travel at the wrong peak;


(2) In order to ensure the safety of tourists, all personnel entering the scenic spot should wear masks correctly and cooperate with the measurement of body temperature. Tourists who do not wear masks or have abnormal body temperature will be prohibited from entering the park;


(3) visitors must take the initiative to show the "health code" and "communication big data travel card".If you have a history of living in an epidemic area (but not designated as a medium-high risk area) within 14 days, you must provide a nucleic acid test certificate report within 48 hours, and enter the park with a negative nucleic acid test report, travel card and health code; People from the counties (cities, districts) designated as medium-high risk areas or those with a history of living in the counties (cities, districts) where medium-high risk areas are located within 14 days, and those with abnormal with travel cards and health codes are restricted from entering the scenic spots;


(4) The scenic spot implements the real-name system to purchase tickets. Tourists can purchase tickets online or scan codes. The scenic spot advocates no cash and no contact payment. After the successful purchase of tickets, enter the park with the original ID card or two-dimensional code;


(5) The scenic spot will strengthen the disinfection and killing of environmental sanitation, carry out comprehensive disinfection treatment on operating vehicles, front desk ticketing offices, outdoor gates, toilets, seats, armrests, garbage cans and other infrastructure every day, and appropriately increase the frequency of disinfection according to the number of tourists;


(6) The scenic spot controls the density of people entering the park, and strictly controls the daily maximum carrying capacity and instantaneous maximum carrying capacity within the approved value range. The scenic spot advocates that the general public and tourists should pay attention to self-protection, consciously keep a distance from others when visiting, and visit in a scattered and orderly manner.


We will create a civilized, safe, hygienic and orderly tourism environment for you with rigorous and thorough prevention and control measures and warm and thoughtful quality service!


Admission time of scenic spot: 7:30-15:30

Scenic spot consultation telephone number: 0718-3415666

Thank you for your support and cooperation!




Enshi Geocentric Valley Scenic Area

5 August 2021