Enlu Gexin Valley Scenic Area Held a Special Meeting on Safety Production and Launched Detailed Rules for the Implementation of Safety Management in Scenic Area

On the morning of June 14, Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area held a special meeting on production safety to deploy production safety work. The deputy general manager of Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area presided over the meeting and arranged the work to Jin. Geocentric Valley scenic area leadership, the main person in charge of each department attended the meeting.


Chairman Cui Yingchao pointed out by phone that "safety is prevented! It is managed! It is taken initiative! It is discovered and managed by all the staff!", First, epidemic prevention and control and production safety should be taken as normal work. Second, production safety should be re-inspected. All industries involved should have specific standards for inspection. Third, there should be rectification after inspection. Rectification should be carried out within a time limit. Fourth, closed-loop management should be formed for inspection, rectification and acceptance. Fifth, various emergency plans should be improved and improved. Sixth, safety education and training should be strengthened.

Deputy General Manager Xiang Jin conveyed and learned the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the gas explosion accident at the Yanhu Community Market in Zhangwan District, Shiyan City and the spirit of Premier Li Keqiang's instructions, as well as the "Emergency Notice on Doing a Good Job in Current Work Safety" by the General Office of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and the General Office of the Provincial Government, the Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection's "On Strengthening Supervision and Discipline and Accountability in the Field of Work Safety", and the "Emergency Deployment of the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism" Further do a good job in the current provincial cultural and tourism safety work "and other document spirit. and made specific arrangements and deployments.

The meeting called for strengthening daily safety operation management, ensuring the personal and property safety of tourists, preventing the occurrence of major safety production accidents, strengthening the coordination and linkage of scenic spots and various departments in emergency rescue of accidents and disasters, and minimizing the casualties and property losses caused by accidents and disasters. A plan is specially formulated. The company has specially set up a scenic spot safety management leading group to carry out benchmarking inspection and rectification of scenic spot safety in accordance with the "the People's Republic of China Safety Production Law" and industry safety management standards, so as to normalize the inspection and rectification work, achieve daily inspection, monthly summary, and gradually improve and strengthen. A comprehensive investigation of the operational safety of the scenic area and rectification.

This is the origin of mankind;

Here is the most mysterious cultural fertile soil in the southwest of Hubei, China;

Here 0.25 billion years ago the Triassic period gradually into the geological wonders of the mountain valley;

The "Jianshi Homo erectus Site" here 2.15 million years ago challenges the doctrine of human origin;

It is famous at home and abroad for the "ancient Ba Yan Road" of Chinese civilization 6000 years ago.

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