Searching for Travel Experience Officers to Visit the Most Beautiful Enshi Gexin Valley

The first ancient road of Bachu, which was written in Bachu 5000 years ago, is preserved here.

There is also a witness to the exchanges between Enshi and Yichang-the best preserved section of the ancient Shiyi Road.

Here found 2 million years ago human teeth, directly out of Asia, challenging the theory of African origin.

Here is a typical karst landform features, set "secluded, dangerous, strange, show, ancient" in one.

Here it isEnshi Geocentric Valley Scenic Area.

Want to go to 30 degrees north latitude to experience world-class scenery?

What is 30 degrees north latitude? In addition to the North Mu triangle, the Egyptian pyramids, Mount Everest, there is also one of the most suitable for human living environment of Enshi Geocentric Valley Scenic Area.

want to know the bachu cultural shrine?

Enshi Geocentric Valley Scenic Area is the world's most heavy cultural shrine. This is the hometown of the Ba people. Ba culture is the foundation of Chu culture, Chu culture is the predecessor of Han culture, and Han culture is the main body of Chinese culture.

Do you want to go back to the ancient Ba Yan Road to feel the Tujia customs?

There is an ancient Ba Yan road in the scenic area of Enshi Geocentric Valley, and the remaining houses can be seen, which completely retain the residential characteristics of Tujia people.

Have the guts to challenge 9D glass suspension bridge and air running magic carpet?

Glass plank road is not uncommon, but 9D glass plank road is the only one in the country, and there is also a magic carpet that scares you to run in the air, where you can feel the shock of the cliff in all directions.

Do you have the guts to challenge the glass rooms that open your eyes to the cliffs?

Stay on the edge of the cliff, you can see the cliff with your eyes open, are you scared? Not satisfied? Waiting for you to fight!

The biggest task of this "Enshi Gexin Valley's Most Beautiful Tour" is to enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

Not only invite you to experience the beautiful scenery for free, but also get a bonus ~

If you have more microblog fans, your fans will be accurate to Hubei, Chongqing, Chengdu and other places. If you love traveling; Be good at writing and sharing travel strategies; If you love photography and aerial photography; Can take photos of beautiful scenery in scenic spots.

So, sign up now! You will get:

Distribution of benefits

1. The "two-day trip to Enshi Gexin Valley" and the 1000 yuan/person travel fund are all yours!

2. In order to make this activity more diversified, we have also set up a network big V trembles competition.

We will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of all videos by the end of May according to the three aspects of video quality, playback volume and praise volume. Set up three geocentric valley propaganda ambassadors with a bonus of 500 yuan/honorary certificate.

Task Details

1. A total of 12 talents were recruited for this experience activity. The experience content includes two days and one night scenic spot experience, including accommodation. The experience time is April 25, 26. (Note: The experience includes large round-trip traffic).

2. Before May 1, 2019, travel experts will go to Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area. Before May 1, they will release a certain number of relevant pictures, texts and videos about Gexin Valley tourism, and share this most beautiful trip to Enshi Gexin Valley in all forms you can think of on WeChat, microblog, tremolo, Little Red Riding Book and other platforms.

3. Specific release content:

(1) Big V content: each big V publishes at least 3 microblogs, 2 new media platforms and 1 tremble.

(2) Talent content: each talent out of an original travel strategy, 2 strategy sharing platform, 3 shake sound.

(3) Photographic content: 60 photographic photos for scenic spots, at least 10 aerial photos for scenic spots and 1 tremolo.

Ways of participation

Share and forward praise

You can sign up to participate

This time we need 12 you who have ideas and influence in the creation of travel content. The registration method is as follows:

1. Pay attention to the public number and forward this tweet to your WeChat circle of friends. The screenshot will be sent to the designated mailbox of the activity;

2. Send your personal details and contact information (at least including name, micro signal and telephone number) to the designated mailbox of the activity, so that we can know your basic information, such as the number of fans, title and honor, etc., so that we can know you better;

3. Deadline for registration: April 22, 2019;

4. We will select you from the applicants who have the most praise from your circle of friends, read more microblogs and trembles, and have greater influence. We will contact you in private letters before April 23. Please be ready to start this trip to Enshi Gexin Valley.