Look at a scenic spot from a slogan

Hangzhou West Lake-"World Lake, Look at West Lake"

The use of the slogan "World Lake, Look at the West Lake" can instantly convey the brand image of "West Lake is the first lake in the lake" to tourists. This first brand image will make West Lake always different from other lakes. The "first impression" will always be rooted in the minds of tourists and firmly grasp the mental resources of tourists.

The previous slogan of "Hangzhou West Lake, Paradise on Earth" is certainly very good, but it is easy for people to confuse it with the slogan of "Heaven above, Suzhou and Hangzhou below". This confusing concept will not be able to establish a new image of the first brand of West Lake for the first time.



Mount Huangshan, Anhui-Feel the Mount Huangshan, No Mountain in the World

Huangshan is one of the three mountains in the three mountains and five mountains, and is known as "the world's first strange mountain. Xu Xiake visited Huangshan twice, leaving a sigh that "the return of the five mountains does not look at the mountains, and the return of Huangshan does not look at the mountains. This advertisement is actually to let everyone know

Huangshan, after going to Huangshan, was infatuated with Huangshan and had no intention of watching other mountains. Therefore, it was exaggerated to say: "Feel Huangshan, there is no mountain in the world.



If you have been here, you have never left -- impression of Wuzhen.

It is said that Wuzhen is "not as sunny as overcast, and as overcast as rain". Walking in the long and narrow alleys, people also enter the art corridor of Chinese classical architecture. It seems that time has turned back to the Republic of China or the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Looking at the tourists passing slowly under the umbrella, Dai Wangshu's "Rain Lane" seems to echo slowly in his ears.

Wuzhen "sunny is not as good as overcast, overcast is not as good as rain", followed by a sentence "rain is not as good as night", in the twilight dim lights sit on the Wupeng boat, in the crash of the sound, watching the charming night on both sides of the side slowly passing by, time seems to have stopped, people seem to fall asleep. I think this should be the wonderful state of forgetting things and the unity of man and nature. Only in this way, Wuzhen is known as "China's last pillow water town" is well deserved. If you don't reach Wuzhen, how dare you say you have been to Jiangnan?

"If I have been here, I have never left." I think this is not only the advertising slogan carefully created by Wuzhen, but also the true feelings of many tourists who have been to Wuzhen.



Enshi Geocentric Valley Scenic Spot-Geocentric Return Without Looking at Valley

The scenic spot belongs to the world's rare alpine karst karst mountain valley landform, "geocentric" is not only the deep ground seam of the surface but also because of the natural "heart-washing pool" in the scenic spot, is the canyon scenery and different from the general grand canyon


At the "2019 China Three Gorges Cultural Tourism Marketing Innovation and Development Forum and the" 2019 China Three Gorges Cultural Tourism Marketing Research Report "Results Release Conference", "The return of the center of the earth does not look at the valley" was listed on the "2019 China Three Gorges Most Attractive Scenic Spots Propaganda Slogans Top 50"