Enshi net red scenic spot recruits net red to make net red

Enshi Net Red Scenic Area-Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area (Shimen River) opens many net red projects: glass bridge, soft bridge, water swing, kayak, human body drifting, river tracing, magic carpet in the air, shouting spring, startling step by step, wall-hanging sightseeing elevator, etc. to add new games to this Qingming Festival.

"Jihai (2019) Qingming human ancestor worship ceremony" will be held inApril 5-6 in Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area (Shimen River)

If you are already an Internet star with many fans, please come here to 5000 yuan Cash Award to be claimed. Your Hanfu, secondary dress, COSPLAY or minority dress may become a highlight of this activity.

If you don't have many fans for the time being, it doesn't matter. Please come here. Many fun online red events, high-standard worship ceremonies and wonderful artistic performances will make you gain many fans.

In this online red event, we have not only prepared cash prizes, but also very sincere ticket prizes--200 3-person 5-year family free package,From April 5 to may 5, take pictures/videos in the scenic spot and share them with wechat/tremolo, and send your name, phone number and sharing screenshots to us. we will rank them according to the number of likes after the activity. wechat and tremolo will each send 100 free family tickets.


We are all ready for activities, cash and tickets. Are you ready?