China (Jianshi) International Human Patriarch Qingming Celebration Ceremony on April 5-6

Enshi Gexin Valley is a surprise to the world. From April 5 to 6, Enshi Geocentric Valley Scenic Area (Shimen River) will soon open five major cultural tourism activities in spring, "Pilgrimage Geocentric Valley, the place of origin of mankind", attracting the attention of tens of millions of tourists.

Enshi Dixin Valley Scenic Area (Shimen River), a national AAAA scenic spot with unique tourism resources of "the place of human origin", is located in Gaoping Town, Hubei Enshi Tourism Transportation Center, which is located at the milestone of "1520" and "1314" high-speed network red of "318" national landscape road. It has a special tourist train station, Yiwan high-speed railway and Shanghai-Chongqing high-speed railway cross the whole territory, and 318 and 209 national highways are coiled scenic spots, and only one hour drive from the airport, it is a multi-functional and comprehensive scenic spot integrating landscape sightseeing, cultural experience, leisure vacation, sports and health preservation, self driving camping and research tourism.

The first to use 3D holographic technology to reproduce the original style of Jianshi homo erectus

When you come to Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area (Shimen River), you will join Chinese and foreign tourists and local villagers from five continents to participate in the "China (Jianshi) International Human Patriarch Qingming Celebration Ceremony", appreciate the shock of the grand and mysterious sacrificial activities of human ancestors, and feel the unique charm of Tujia folk customs in southwest Hubei. "Enshi Geocentric Valley Giant Ape Cave Nature Museum 3D Holographic Projection Interactive Exhibition", you and the primitive Homo erectus hunting dance rock climbing together, immersed in the geocentric Valley Giant Ape Cave time and space through the 3D holographic illusion, ask who I am and where I come from.

Jianshi County Cultural Tourism Collection First Choice Entering Enshi Gexin Valley

Enshi Geocentric Valley, as the first cultural tourism scenic spot in Jianshi County of 2019, follows up the pace of Enshi Prefecture's global tourism. With the unique cultural tourism resources of Jianshi's four world-class business cards of "history, culture, landscape and resources", Enshi Geocentric Valley has loudly played the theme of "call all over the world, travel in golden construction", has prepared rich cultural tourism activities for all guests and tourists, and invited artists in Hubei Province to sing Jiangxianggu, together with tourists, we are lamenting the "ancient, secluded, dangerous, strange and beautiful" of the natural wonders of Gexin Valley, adding a heart and sigh.

"Canyon Exploration-Geocentric Valley Landscape Treasure Hunt Selfie Challenge"

Walking into the Qingming Enshi Gexin Valley, you will find the scenic spot "mountains, water, roads, caves, love" beautiful scenery dizzying, and the family annual free ticket award is waiting for you to get! "Yougu Love Song-Tujia Folk Customs Exhibition in Geocentric Valley", under the cliff of Geocentric Valley and above the canyon river, Sister Huang will sing with you, Tujia sister will dance with you, and Tujia sergeants will treat you like an emperor on Bayan Ancient Road · · · · · ·

Meet in spring and set foot on the ancient road of Bayan to make a pilgrimage to the valley of the heart of the earth.

God painting mountains and rivers, proud beautiful heart valley. In the spring, the canyon in the geocentric valley scenic area is deep, the overpass is volleyed in the sky, the Xiongguan ramandao, the sky is like a seam, the stone mortar vortex groove, the boat floating swim. The "Bayan Ancient Road" of Chinese civilization with a glorious history of 6000 years completely retains the purest original ecological features of the "Bashu throat" since the pre-Qin period. The "Jianshi Homo erectus Site" 2.15 million years ago challenged the world's theory of human origin with great momentum. The scenic spot gradually formed the geological wonders and miraculous craftsmanship of Zhanggu during the Triassic period 0.25 billion years ago. Significant three-dimensional climate, numerous rare animals and plants and plants and animals, it constitutes the most suitable original ecological environment for tourism in Enshi, which makes people feel the sense of time and space travel, and marvel at the aesthetic demeanor of the Garden of Eden of God!

You are a net red. If you want to be a net red, please come to Enshi Gexin Valley as soon as possible.

Pilgrimage to the heart of the valley, shake together! Travel talent is short of content? Do you want to find exciting travel images? Enshi Gexin Valley is always ready for you!

"Enshi Gexin Valley Network Red Talent Live Conference" does not reject any human travel content creator! Gexin Valley has prepared a series of wonderful activities for you, such as the sympathy performance of artists from the literary and art circles in Hubei Province, the Qingming ceremony of the ancestor of mankind, the challenge of taking selfies of landscape treasures, the exhibition of Tujia folk customs, and so on. The content is rich and the awards are rich. Just wait for you to tell more friends with the camera!