Shuxin Valley

First of all, we are going to visit the first section of the river valley-Shuxin Valley. Everyone knows that there was a famous sky garden in ancient Babylon, and Shuxin Valley, the sky scenic spot of Shimen River, is the best interpretation of China's sky garden.
Space-time tunnel, cloud bridge
We are now about to pass through the time tunnel. Everyone should prepare their tickets and check in their turn to cross the time tunnel to enter the scenic spot for sightseeing. After passing through the tunnel of time and space, the bridge we are now passing through is called "Buyun Bridge". It is 66 meters in length and 166 meters in height. People walk on it, trembling and leisurely, such as walking on top of the clouds, implying that it is rising to the top. The same is true of life, not impatient, down-to-earth. When passing through the Buyun Bridge, everyone should walk forward steadily and pay attention to safety.
Shimen Buddha, Jiayin Pavilion
The mountain is a Buddha, and the Buddha is a mountain. The Shimen Buddha stands tall on the cliff beside the Shimen River, protecting the Shimen River for 0.25 billion years. In front of us is our Jiayin Pavilion, which means waiting for good news. It is also named after Hubei Jiayin Tourism Development Co., Ltd., warmly welcome everyone.
Promotion and wealth
What we are passing through now is the promotion and wealth. Everyone can make their own wishes in our gossip pool and achieve everything they want.
Sun Moon Gate
Tourists and friends, in addition to enjoying the "four No.1 in the world", Shimen River also has the "four geological wonders of the world". We are now here at Riyuemen, which is the first Shimen geological wonder of Shimen River, which originates from the stratified karst cave formed by the intermittent and rapid uplift of the crust in the Cenozoic era. Everyone should pay attention to safety and be careful of the steps under their feet. Later, everyone will see our stone mortar, stone book and stone eye geological wonders in turn.
Climb plank road
After passing the Sun and Moon Gate, we are now passing through the cliff plank road, which is a walking trail hanging between the cliffs and cliffs, with cliffs above and cliffs below. Therefore, the cliff plank road is often called the hanging plank road and the cloud plank road. The Shimen River scenic plank road is known as the longest scenic plank road in the country, and it is also a challenge road for the brave to surpass themselves. This section is the most dangerous plank road in Shimen River scenic spot. We should pay attention to safety and meet carefully when visiting.
Qinglong Heads Up
Tourists and friends, this is our "Qinglong Head Up". Please pay attention to safety and meet carefully. The second day of the second month of the lunar calendar is the day when the dragon raises its head. The Tujia people, in the form of "Dragon Head Festival", respect the dragon and pray for good weather, good grain and prosperity.
Giant Ape Avatar
Ape-man is considered to be the direct ancestor of human beings. It has the dual physiological and structural characteristics of humans and apes. This "giant ape head" in Shimen River vividly reproduces our ancestors who lived about 2 million years ago.
White Tiger Welcome
The Tujia people revere the white tiger and the totem. Legend has it that the white tiger is the incarnation of Lin Jun, who turned into a white tiger in grief after shooting the salt water goddess, guarding the Tujia generation forever. This statue in front of us is our white tiger welcoming guest. It is the highest welcoming master of ceremonies of our Tujia nationality.
Shout song station
Tourists and friends, the front is our singing station. The vigorous and huge "nine axes" under the singing stage, the keel branches, are not old for thousands of years, immortal for thousands of years, and have become "tree spirits". Everyone can take out your cameras to take pictures, which will accompany you to live a safe life and make progress in your career!
The famous female writer Chi Li was inspired to create in Shimen River's "Song Song Station. A few months later, her novella "you shout when you have pleasure" came out, which caused a sensation in the whole country, and finally won the title of Lu Xun Literature Award. When you arrive at the singing station, you must have a rest and listen to the song "Fourth Sister Huang". "Fourth Sister Huang" is a classic of Tujia folk songs widely circulated in Enshi. It was created in Sanli Township, Jianshi County. The lively rhythm and vivid and joyful love content show the plot of young men and women's mutual love and pursuit and gift of love. It is known as a bright and blooming flower in Chinese folk songs, it has been sung for more than 150 years.
Tourists and friends, Enshi is located on the mysterious golden line at 30 degrees north latitude. It has escaped the invasion of the Quaternary glacier movement and has become a refuge for many cherished animals and plants. It has been rated by UNESCO as one of the most suitable environments for human living. Therefore, Enshi also enjoys the reputation of "forest and sea in Western Hubei", "Huazhong medicine bank", "natural oxygen bar" and "selenium capital of the world. The tree in front of it is a boxwood that is difficult to grow for a thousand years. It is called "the gentleman in the wood". The old saying goes: "The instrument in hand is a hundred years old." Since ancient times, boxwood has been loved and praised by literati.
golden marbles
Please look at the right hand direction of Yao Mei. This is a golden bullet tree, which belongs to the national second-class protected plant. Its alias is called bottle orchid, and the reason why it is called golden marbles is that the fruits after it blooms and bears fruit are like bullets. There are also male and female golden marbles. Female golden marbles blossom and bear fruit, while male golden marbles do not bear fruit. This tree in front of us is a male golden marbles tree.
Elephant trunk door
Tourists and friends, the mountain road on our side is winding. Please be careful at your feet and pay attention to safety. As we all know, there is an elephant trunk mountain in Guilin, Guangxi, and there is an elephant trunk gate in Shimen River. Elephant trunk gate belongs to the second stone gate geological wonder of Shimen River. About 0.2 billion years ago, a generation of strong crustal movement occurred in Shimen River. After hundreds of millions of years of water scouring, cutting and joint development, the elephant trunk gate was formed like the one seen now. Yao Meier suggested that everyone take a rest here, take photos, and walk around our trunk door, which means a long time.

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