New Energy Tourism Air-rail Train Project Settles in Jianshi Investment more than 5 billion Yuan Connecting Shimen River and Wild Three Gorges Scenic Spots

Enshi Daily News (correspondent Chen Qiangao) On August 11, the Jianshi County People's Government and Zhongtang Air Railway Group Corporation held a memorandum of cooperation signing ceremony in Chengdu, marking the official settlement of the new energy tourism air-rail train project.
According to reports, the project is planned to invest more than 5 billion yuan, spanning nearly 50 tourist poverty alleviation villages in Gaoping, Huaping and Jingyang villages, with a total construction mileage of 38 kilometers. It is a tourist air railway connecting Shimen River Scenic Area and Wild Three Gorges Scenic Area. After the completion of the project, it will become a booster for the two major scenic spots of Shimen River and Wild Three Gorges to jointly create 5A scenic spots, accelerate the transformation and quality development of regional tourism, and enhance its external attractiveness and radiation.