The First Painting Competition of Shimen River Geocentric Valley Scenic Area

Once upon a time, there was a poor child named Ma Liang. He liked painting since he was a child. However, he did not even have the money to buy a pen when his family was poor. He painted on the hillside with branches. Dip the grass roots in the river to paint by the river. When he got home, he took a piece of charcoal and painted in the yard.
He often thought how great it would be if he could have a paintbrush. One night Ma Liang dreamed of an old man with a white beard and gave him a golden magic pen.
Ma Liang woke up happily. It was a dream! But he looked at his hand and it was incredible that he did have a pen in his hand. He immediately drew a bird with a stroke. The bird came alive and spread its wings to fly. He drew another fish. The fish also came alive and kicking. With this magic pen, Ma Liang draws pictures for the poor and kind-hearted families in the village every day. Ma Liang draws whatever they lack.
Today we are looking for some "magic brush Ma Liang" who can draw the beautiful scenery of Shimen River Geocentric Valley Scenic Area with a paintbrush. If you are a child who likes painting, please come and take part in it, pick up the paintbrush in your hand and draw Shimen River Geocentric Valley.
Looking for the submission time of "magic pen Ma Liang": February 6-12, 2018 submission method: send the work to WeChat public number of "Shimen River Scenic Area" and indicate the author's name, age and contact number.
1. The creation content of the work must be Shimen River Geocentric Valley Scenic Area (the picture material can be viewed by clicking "Read the Original Text" below, or it can be taken by itself);
2, the author age limit is 4 to 15 years old;
3. There is no limit on the number of entries, but each participant has only one chance to win the prize, whichever is the highest;
4. Participants must have the copyright of the work, and the entries must not infringe the intellectual property rights of others. For any work that has infringed, the participants shall be fully responsible and their qualifications for participating in the competition and winning will be canceled; the organizer and the organizer will infringe on the infringement of the entries No responsibility;
5. After the entry is submitted, it is deemed that the organizer and the organizer have the right to use the entry, including but not limited to modification, reproduction, distribution, exhibition, compilation, publication, network dissemination and re-creation, and copyright law and other laws and regulations. Other rights determined.
Award setting
1, participate in the award several, award teacher teaching course section, award certificate;
2. One gift package of "painting suit" for 50 outstanding awards, one section of famous teacher teaching course and award certificate;
3, the third prize 17 prize teacher teaching course, free to participate in the scenic area sketch, scenic area large ticket, award certificate;
4, the second prize 2 prize teacher teaching course 10, free to participate in the scenic spot sketching, scenic spot large ticket, award certificate;
5, the first prize 1 prize one semester teacher teaching course, free to participate in the scenic spot sketching, scenic spot large ticket, award certificate;
6. One ticket to the glass bridge for the award of 5 outstanding authors for sketching works.