In the grace season in September, Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area offers a lot of discounts.

Feel for the teacher-happy holidays

There is a kind of love called selfless dedication, there is an attitude called approachable, there is a kind of pay called no regrets, give me these is you, my beloved teacher, teacher's day is approaching I sincerely, wish you happiness,Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area will be exempted from large tickets for all teachers from September 9 to 10 (large tickets will be exempted with my ID card and teacher qualification certificate, 30 yuan/person transfer ticket will be purchased, and other secondary consumption items will be purchased voluntarily)


Tribute to the People's Police

Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area will be free of large tickets for all police from now until December 31.(With my ID card and police card, I am exempt from large tickets. I need to purchase a 30 yuan/person transfer ticket, and I voluntarily choose to purchase other secondary consumption items)



Grateful Tourists

Enshi Gexin Valley Scenic Area will offer half-price tickets for all tourists throughout 2023 (30 yuan/person transfer tickets are required, and other secondary consumption items are voluntarily purchased).



Half-price discount for the whole year

Students: minors over 1.2 meters, full-time undergraduate students and below, need to show ID card or student ID card;

Elderly: 60 years old (including 60)-70 years old (excluding 70) below the elderly to show identity cards and other valid documents;

Disabled persons: 5-10 disabled persons, need to hold my ID card and disability card

(Half-price discount only applies to tickets for scenic spots)


Year-round ticket-free crowd

Children: children under 1.2 meters (including 1.2);

Elderly: 70 years old (including 70) above, with my ID card;

Disabled persons: 1-4 disabled persons, need to hold my ID card and disability card;

Soldiers: active servicemen holding "soldier certificate" or "military officer certificate" and ex-servicemen holding "preferential treatment card for ex-servicemen;

Guide: National Tourism AdministrationAwardedThe tour guide who came to the scenic spot with the tour guide card issued;

Journalists: journalists with certificates issued by the State Press and Publication Administration;

Firemen: certified firefighters;

Member of China Photographers Association

(Free ticket discount only applies to large tickets for scenic spots)