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Comfortable valley

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First of all, we are going to visit the first section of the valley, Shuxin Valley. Everyone knows that there is a famous sky garden in Babylon, and the scenic spot of Shimen River is the best interpretation of the Chinese sky garden.
First of all, we are going to visit the first section of the valley, Shuxin Valley. Everyone knows that there is a famous sky garden in Babylon, and the scenic spot of Shimen River is the best interpretation of the Chinese sky garden.
Time and space tunnel, step cloud bridge
We are about to cross the space-time tunnel now. Everyone is ready to take the tickets in their hands, and in turn check-in through the time-space tunnel to enter the scenic spot. Passing through the space-time tunnel, the bridge we are passing through is called "Step Cloud Bridge." It is 66 meters long and 166 meters high. It is a pedestrian, and it is trembling. It is like a cloud above the clouds. It means a smooth blue cloud. The same is true of life, not eager, down to earth. Everyone should go steady when going through the Step Cloud Bridge and pay attention to safety.
Shimen Big Buddha, Jiayin Pavilion
The mountain is a Buddha, and the Buddha is a mountain. The Shimen Big Buddha stands on the top of the Shimen River, and it has been 250 million years since the Shimen River. The front is our Jiayin Pavilion, which means waiting for good news. It is also named after Hubei Jiayin Tourism Development Co., Ltd., and welcomes everyone.
Promote the company to step up
The place we are passing now is to promote the company to make a step by step. We can make our wishes in our gossip pool and think about it.
Sun and Moon Gate
Visitors and friends, in addition to the “World’s Big Four”, our Shimen River also has “the world’s four major geological wonders”. We are here today, the Sun Moon Gate, which is the first Shimen River in Shimen River. The spectacle is derived from the layered karst cave formed by the intermittent rapid uplift of the Cenozoic crust. Everyone "walks without watching, watching and not walking" pay attention to safety and be careful of the steps at the foot. Later, we will see our stone sarcophagi, stone book, and stone eye geological wonders in turn.
Cliff path
After passing through the Sun Moon Gate, we are now passing the cliff path, which is a leisure trail that hangs over the cliff, with cliffs and cliffs below, and a cliff abyss below. Therefore, the cliff path is often referred to as the suspended plank road and the inter-cloud plank road. The Shimen River scenic area plank road is known as the longest scenic road in the country, and it is also a challenging road for brave people to surpass themselves. This section is the most dangerous plank road in our Shimen River scenic spot. When you are visiting, you should pay attention to safety and be careful.
Qinglong looked up
Visitors and friends, here is our "Qinglong look up", everyone pays attention to safety and carefully meet. On the second day of the second month of the lunar calendar, it was the day when the dragon looked up. The Tujia people took the form of “faucet festival”, and the gods prayed for the good weather, the grain, and the prosperity of the people.
Giant avatar
The monk is considered to be the direct ancestor of human beings and has the dual physiological characteristics of human harmony. The Shimen River's "Giant avatar" vividly reproduces the ancestors of our human beings who lived about 2 million years ago.
White Tiger Welcome
Tujia people admire the white tiger and totem. Legend has it that the white tiger is the embodiment of the monarch, and after the shooting of the saltwater goddess, Yan Jun turned into a white tiger in grief, and always guarded the Tujia generation for generations. This statue is our white tiger welcome, it is the highest ceremonial ceremonies of our Tujia.
Tourists and friends, the front is our shouting station. Shouting the huge "nine axe" under the song, the keel keel, the millennium is not old, the immortal, the age of thousands of years, has become a "tree essence", you can take out your camera and take it with you. A lifetime of peace, career progress!
Chi Li, a famous female writer, was inspired by Shimen River’s “Calling Songs”. A few months later, her novella "You Hurry with a Pleasure" came out, causing a sensation in the country, and finally won the Lu Xun Literature Award. When you get to the song station, you have to take a break. Listen to the song "Yellow Four Sisters", which is a classic of Tujia folk songs widely circulated in Enshi. It was created in Sanli Township of Jianshi County, with a bright rhythm of hi drums. The vivid and joyful love content expresses the plot of young men and women who love each other and pursues the sentimental tokens. It is praised as the brilliant flower in the Chinese folk songs. It has been sung for more than 150 years.
Tourists and friends, Enshi is located in the mysterious 30-degree latitude of the latitude, avoiding the invasion of the Quaternary glacier movement and becoming a refuge for many animals and plants. It is rated by the World UNESCO as the most suitable for human habitation. One of the environments, therefore, Enshi also enjoys the reputation of “Western China Sea”, “Huazhong Medicine Library”, “Natural Oxygen Bar” and “World Selenium Capital”. The tree in front is a year-long boxwood, which is called "the gentleman in the wood". The old saying goes: "The hand-held device is more than a hundred years old." Since ancient times, the boxwood has been the hobby and praise of the scholars. .
Gold marble
Please look at the sister's right hand direction. This is a gold marble tree belonging to the national secondary protected plant. Its alias, called bottle orchid, is called a gold marble because the fruit after it blooms is like a bullet. The gold marbles also have the distinction between male and female. The female gold marbles bloom, and the male gold marbles do not open up. It is a male gold marble tree in front of us.
Elephant trunk
Tourists and friends, we are bending the mountain road here, everyone is careful and pay attention to safety. Everyone knows that there is a Elephant Trunk Hill in Guilin, Guangxi, and we have a Elephant Trunk Gate in Shimen River. The Elephant Trunk Gate belongs to the second stone gate geological wonder of Shimen River. About 200 million years ago, the Shimen River generation experienced strong crustal movement. After hundreds of millions of years of water erosion, cutting and joint development, it formed like now. To the elephant trunk. Sisters suggested that everyone take a break here, take a photo, walk around our elephant trunk door, which means long time.
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