Tourist information
Tourist information

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enshi Geocentric Valley Scenic Area Ticketing Notice
  I、Ticketing time
  High season:08:00—16:00(March 1st - November 30th)
  Low season:08:00—15:00(December 1st - February 28th of the following year)
  Only Enshi people can buy 50 yuan / piece
  This ticket type only includes large tickets for scenic spots (only for Enshi citizens to purchase tickets, redemption tickets, check-in for provincial certificates), tickets can be successfully booked for one hour before entering the park.
  Adult ticket 128 yuan / Zhang
  This ticket type is only for the scenic spot tickets and does not include other tickets. Tickets can be successfully booked for 1 hour before they can be redeemed.
  Discount ticket 70 yuan / Zhang
  This ticket type is a half-price ticket with a scenic gate (only 60-70-year-olds purchase tickets) does not include glass bridge tickets, tickets can be successfully booked for 1 hour before the ticket can enter the park
  Big ticket + glass bridge package 150 yuan / Zhang
  This ticket type includes large scenic tickets and glass bridge tickets (adults, students and 60-70 year olds if you take the glass bridge, please book this ticket type), the ticket is scheduled to be successfully valid for 1 hour before entering the park.
  Scenic traffic car: 30 yuan / person
  Ⅲ、Please purchase tickets at the ticket counter of the Scenic Visitor Center, and do not use other channels to avoid being deceived;
  IV、Scenic spot tickets and glass bridge tickets will not be returned once sold; please pay for the ticket when you purchase the ticket, and you are not responsible for leaving the window;
  V、Please take one vote when entering the scenic spot check-in. During the tour, keep your tickets safely for inspection.
  Ⅵ、The maximum instantaneous carrying capacity of the scenic spot is 8,000 person times, and the maximum daily carrying capacity is 10,000 person-times. The tour takes about 4 hours, and the car is about 1 hour.
  Ⅶ、Personal items
  Backpack, sportswear or sportswear, warm clothing (Enshi temperature difference), hiking shoes, personal valid documents, special documents, toiletries, flashlight or first class (mobile phone is not convenient, ancient river bed need to penetrate holes), knee pads (recommended) , trekking poles (recommended), water, road meals, garbage bags (handling garbage from road meals), other personal items (such as motion sickness medicine, charging treasure, etc.). Please be sure to do a good job in protecting the environment from the cold.
  Ⅰ、The temperature difference between morning and evening is big, please bring enough clothes, rain gear, etc.
  Ⅱ、Please arrange your tour time, route, etc. reasonably so that you can wait in the morning and avoid waiting in line.