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Service Centre

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Every staff member of Enshi Geocentric Valley is striving to make everyone a tourist image, each serving as a pacesetter, trying to get your recognition and satisfaction with the refined service!
A. Tourist guide service: Tourist service center of Shanmen Square provides paid tour guide service for you, and the service items are tour guide explanation. Mainly for tourists to guide the tour routes, interpretation services, the names of various scenic spots, origins, legends, including historical figures, couplet inscriptions and so on.
B. Public toilets: There are many star-rated toilets and environmental toilets in the scenic area. Star toilets are mainly located in ticket-checking hall, ropeway entrance and main scenic spots.
C. Parking lot: Enshi Geocentric Valley Scenic Area currently has four parking lots and 5000 parking spaces. In the peak season of tourism, there are also temporary parking lots in the scenic spots.
D. Smoking Point: During the tour, please pay attention to forest protection and fire protection, and protect the environment. At the entrance and exit of each scenic spot, we have a special smoking spot. Visitors should choose the designated smoking spot to smoke.
E. In order to make your tour more pleasant, you are advised to choose light clothes and sports shoes when you come.
F. Scenic Area Tickets: The tickets in the scenic area are checked by different scenic spots. The tickets are valid for two consecutive natural days from the time of purchase. Please keep the tickets in good condition for inspection during the tour.
G. Active servicemen can enjoy the privileges of admission fee and full price of cableway with their soldier's/officer's certificate, revolutionary disabled soldier's certificate, retired cadre's certificate, disabled person's certificate, senior citizen's ID card/senior citizen's preferential treatment certificate, first-class hero and national moral model certificate. Full-time students can enjoy half-price admission tickets and full-price cableway with their registered student cards and 60-69-year-old people's ID cards/senior citizen's preferential treatment cards. If you are qualified for a discount price, please bring your relevant certificates with you. Children less than 14 meters in height are given free admission tickets and ropeways.
H. There is a large passenger flow in the scenic spots in the peak season. It is suggested that you book tickets online in advance.
I. If you don't understand something during the tour, you can consult them. We will serve you wholeheartedly.
Scenic Area Related Services
Telephone number: 0718-3415666
Address: Gaoping Dixingu Scenic Area, Jianshi County, Enshi Prefecture
Service Centre