Surrounding attractions
Surrounding attractions

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The World s Highest Bridge-Sidu River BridgeThe World's Highest Bridge-Sidu River Bridge
Located at the junction of Yichang and Enshi in Hubei Province, and located in Sidu River, Yesanguan Town, Badong County, Hubei Province, it is a controlling bridge project of Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway. Located in the mountains of Wuling in Western Hubei Province, it is the longest suspension bridge in the world built in deep mountain gorges. The full length of the bridge is 1365 meters. It consists of a 1105-meter-long bridge and a 228.9-meter-long roadbed. The Yichang bank is a tunnel anchor and the Enshi bank is a gravity anchor. The main span of the bridge is 900 meters, the width of the bridge deck is 24.5 meters; the cable tower of Enshi bank is 118.2 meters high; the cable tower of Yichang bank is 113.6 meters high; the height difference between the top of the tower and the bottom of the canyon is 650 meters; the bridge deck is 560 meters away from the bottom of the canyon, equivalent to the height of 200 stories. It is the longest suspension bridge built in deep mountain canyon in China, and the first mountain super-large suspension bridge with a span of over 900 meters in the world. It is 307 meters and 290 meters higher than the world's tallest bridge, the Miyo Bridge in France. It is known as the world's highest suspension bridge.

Three Gorges Dongzang Wine-Three Gorges WineryThree Gorges Dongzang Wine-Three Gorges Winery
Hubei Three Gorges Liquor Co., Ltd., formerly known as Yesanguan State-owned Liquor Factory in Badong County, was founded in 1962. In 1999, it was approved and registered as China Three Gorges Liquor Factory by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce. In 2004, the enterprise completed the privatization restructuring and reorganized into Hubei Three Gorges Liquor Industry Co., Ltd. Its Dongzang Liquor is very popular with tourists.

Changlinggang Forest Farm, the largest Larix kaempferi base in southern ChinaChanglinggang Forest Farm, the largest Larix kaempferi base in southern China
The state-owned Changling Forest Farm, located in the mountainous area of Western Hubei Province, is an ideal summer resort with a northern subtropical climate. The terrain in the site is relatively high, with an elevation of 1600-1900 meters, a relative height difference of 200 meters and an average slope of 25 degrees. The average annual temperature of the forest farm is 11.7 C, and the maximum temperature is 29 C. It is 40 minutes'drive from the Shimen River scenic spot.

Optimus Pillar-Stone Pillar ViewOptimus Pillar-Stone Pillar View
The Stone Pillar View is located at the top of Panlong Mountain, whose uplift is in the center of a 330 hectare Pingba. The mountain is steep and cliff-like. There are caves beneath the mountain, circuitous to the hillside, 238 stone ladders, according to the mountain potential to circle to the top. There are three scenic spots around Panlong Mountain, one pagoda built by Qing Dynasty in Shanxi Province, and a trickle in the right cliff crevice. There is a weir pool in the East foot, with green waves rippling, and it does not work all the year round. It is 40 minutes'drive from the Shimen River scenic spot.

Ancient Village-Shiyazi Old StreetAncient Village-Shiyazi Old Street
Once a busy and tidy Street on Zhongdalu (Yichang in Enshitong and the only avenue in Jianghan Plain), it had Tujia characteristics. For a brilliant time, the street of Shiyazi was only 200 meters long. The polished red stone street and the two-storey red-painted wooden house were mostly hanging-feet buildings, with pavement and walkway below, which could shelter from rain. Supported on the balustrade of the suspension tower, you can get a glimpse of the crowd on the spot, 20 minutes'drive from the Shimen River scenic spot.

Homo erectus site-Gigantopithecus CaveHomo erectus site-Gigantopithecus Cave
From 1968 to 2000, the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences carried out nine excavations at the tourist reception center of Shimen River Scenic Spot. Five early Homo erectus dental fossils, five stone tools and bone tools were found. At the same time, more than 80 species of mammal fossils including giant apes of the foot were found. This is one of the earliest ancient human sites found in China. "Human origin in Africa" theory.

Dianziping Red Tourism BaseDianziping Red Tourism Base
Located in the deep mountains of Western Hubei, there are ancient salt tea road, Tujia customs, dense forests, characteristic agriculture and other tourism resources, as well as the red sign of "contemporary Yu Gong".




Chieftain CityChieftain City
Enshi toast the city. Enshi Tusi City is located in the northwest of Enshi City, 500 meters from the seat of the city government. It is the only Tujia cultural landmark project with the largest scale, the most magnificent project, the most unique style and the most beautiful scenery in the country.
Including 12 scenic spots such as gate tower, Dong wind and rain bridge, Linjun Temple, school yard, Tujia folk residence, Tusi Palace-Jiujin Hall, city wall, bell tower, drum tower, 100 gardens, Baihu statue, Crouching Tiger Bridge, Yingtao Teahouse and National Art Garden, there are more than 30 scenic spots.
Address: 138 Tusi Road, Enshi City, Hubei Province
Features: Beautiful Tujia Project in Enshi Tusi City
Opening Hours:
Summer: 8:00-18:30
Winter: 8:30-17:30
Ticket Price: Adult Ticket: 50 yuan; Preferential Ticket: 25 yuan
Enshi Railway Station No. 30 bus goes directly to Tusi City Station, totaling 13 stops.

Tujia Daughter TownTujia Daughter Town
The world's men, the world's first daughter city! Enshi Tujia Daughter Town, located in Qiliping, Enshi City, Hubei Province, is a national gathering place of family culture, as well as a city entertainment and consumption center and tourism distribution center in Wuling District.
Attraction Address: Qiliping, Enshi City
Open hours: all day (night is generally recommended)
Transportation: No. 12 (Aviation Road-Huase Selenium Eco-Park) to Huase Selenium Eco-Park will get off at No. 21 (Wuyangba-Liuzhou City) to Huase Selenium Eco-Park Station, and then at No. 25 (Wuyangba-Jingui Avenue-Qiliping Interchange) to Huase Eco-Park, and at No. 28 (Guanpo-Huase Eco-Park) to Huase Eco-Park.